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We develop unique synth presets and boutique sample libraries
Spectrasonics Omnisphere has always been in our arsenal of tools for writing and composing. It is really the defecto tool of choice for many, bridging a gap between synth and sample. Whatever sound you are looking for, they've got it covered. But Omnisphere is a whole lot more, as it allows the user and developer to utilise their own samples. We are almost finished on our first Omnisphere pack. A unique and highly stylised set of gritty pulsing and atmospheric sounds. Stay tuned!

forged by nature | sculpted by technology

We all take inspiration from around us, however the greatest work comes when we let go of that inspiration and create from within.

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I really love Dov’s sound sets, every patch has unique features and they’re super cool to use!

Michael Sciabbarrasi - Composer/Producer at Michael Sciabbarrasi Music

The sounds from Seed Audio shine in innovation and quality and have their own unique sound. I really love them!

Jaap Visser - Composer, sound designer and CEO at Triple Spiral Audio

"Seed Audio really delivers with Metallurgy. As I went through the patches it felt as if I found all the sounds that I wasn't able to find in other soundsets and synths. Well done!"

Alex Pfeffer- Composer and Sound designer

Things that inspire us...