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Preset pack for Arturia Analog Lab and Pigments.

From hidden caves and underwater chasms, to larger than life creatures from beyond the deep that we think we knew.



"Seed Audio really delivers with Metallurgy. As I went through the patches it felt as if I found all the sounds that I wasn't able to find in other soundsets and synths. Well done!"

Alex Pfeffer- Composer and Sound designer

It's been an utter joy to discover the new sonic possibilities born from working with Seedaudio sounds. Their libraries inspired me immediately into composing new works. Their output works equally well in a cinematic frame, sound design and even song-writing.

Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner - Composer, artist and sound designer

The sounds from Seed Audio shine in innovation and quality and have their own unique sound. I really love them!

Jaap Visser - Composer, sound designer and CEO at Triple Spiral Audio

I really love Dov’s sound sets, every patch has unique features and they’re super cool to use!

Michael Sciabbarrasi - Composer/Producer at Michael Sciabbarrasi Music
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From the Ground Swell Preset Pack

forged by nature | sculpted by technology

We all take inspiration from around us, however the greatest work comes when we let go of that inspiration and create from within.

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