About us

At Seed Audio we make boutique and interesting synthesizer presets and sample libraries for the modern composer and producer. 

SeedAudio was born out of a necessity. A need to produce sounds and tools that stood out, aided the development of a signature sound and pushed our boundaries as creatives.

As composers and producers we had always strived to forge a path and bridge the styles of music we adore. This has included both symphonic and cinematic music and underground electronica. Cutting our teeth in this hybrid melting pot, it was a challenge to both mix and produce commercially viable music using elements of two seemingly disparate music making worlds. The natural direction was to design our own sounds, with whatever tools, instruments and technology we had available at any given time. Hence the deep involvement over the years in sound design and the ever evolving trailer music industry. 

But it didn't stop there. We believed we shouldn't put up with mediocre, just because that was what was available to our ears. If it didn't sound right, we'll create what we thought did. 

Trial and error and many years of experimentation alongside creating music for the film advertising industry, we decided it was time to put things to the test and share our creations with you. If it's good enough for us then maybe it'll be good enough for you. 


Enjoy the ride!