Music making tools will diminish our creativity?

Music making tools will diminish our creativity?

There is a lot of debate within musical communities about the digital tools and applications we use in our music production and scoring. Certain synthesisers have been a mainstay in certain genres, even said to have created a signature sound identifying a certain genre.

Virtual instruments that emulate a certain type of hardware machine and it's audio imprint has been the pursuit of many companies.

Similarly loop based sample libraries and instruments. 

This can seem to some a limitation and a boxing in of our creativity. By using this tool, you will get that outcome.

It’s like saying that the tools we use, which are perhaps made by others, sculpt our creations according to what you can do with that specific tool.

What if we change the perspective? 

What if the perspective was that the tool is a vessel for our expression?

We utilise these instruments available to us to form our creations.

And sometimes when there isn’t a tool or instrument to do the job we envision, well then we’ll go and make one that does, ourselves! 

The audio and programming tools we use here are merely vehicles for expressing our love, respect and gratitude we have for sound.

We also love and respect these devices and our partners making them!

But sometimes we make new tools or modify existing ones so our innate expressions can flow unfettered. 

Seed Audio products are born from where?

From a place of true gratitude, mainly to our natural environment, which bears us all. The outcome is always going to be original, as we look inwards and express outward. 

Seed Audio is a team of people who are musical creatives as well as creative product makers. All of our output, be it music or production tools stems from this same place, within. 

So too, our products, can be a vessel for your innate expression.

They are tools, to be used respectfully and subtly, but are merely there to accompany your drive to express your inner vision. 

I wish you the best, within and with out!

Dov Waterman

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