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SeedAudio lift off

Hello! Thanks for hopping on to the first in a series of newsletters and posts about our new venture. 

Firstly, a little about ourselves...

SeedAudio was born out of a necessity. A need to produce sounds and tools that stood out, aided the development of a singular voice and pushed our boundaries as creative composers and producers.

Much like Beethoven who, as he was going deaf, pushed the dynamics of his piano to the extremes. This led technicians and piano maker friends to eventually develop the fully cast iron frame which produced the fuller and louder sound that Ludwig could only hear in his head previously. The developments in the technology were guided by a very fundamental need for progression- hence the modern grand piano was born. And this in turn changed the music that was being produced on it . 

It was a cycle that fed itself. And we as modern day composers and technicians are part of it. It's really exciting! 

And this is why we started SeedAudio. To create audio tools, presets and sounds that inspire, spark imagination, and aid in the process of creating original music. These tools were not intended to be used as is- although there is no law against this- but to spark an original idea, and craft outward. We all take inspiration from around us, however the greatest work comes when we let go of that inspiration and create from within. We are our greatest inspirers.

The tools are mere aids to that. 



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