What lies behind Seed Audio?

What lies behind Seed Audio?

We have a tendency as human beings to look outwards, comparing ourselves and sizing ourselves up to others. This happens on a very fundamental level.

It’s what makes us human, accompanies our ambitions, our drive and inspiration.

The strive to do better than the rest, than ourselves. The need to do something that stands out from the crowd and be different. 

However, the great drawback of looking outwards, is that sometimes, for some of us, we are left feeling deflated because we see what we don’t have that others possess.

Overwhelm sets in and a lack of confidence can prevent us at times for going any further. 

But what if we looked inwards?

What if we took stock of the elemental and innate creativity we have, unfettered by what is outside, focussed only on that which is inside us.

How would our creative expression respond to that process? 

It’s almost like allowing an external surrounding, object, event or other human being to create an indelible impression on our soul, and then expressing outwards the impact it has on us.

A call to action and then a response...

A give and take...

An absorption and release...

If you are reading this, then you are most likely a creative, perhaps a musician or artist.

So your creative production will always, and can ever only be a pure expression of what is innate- inside of you. 

Arriving at this state of pure creative expression, we can produce things that are wholly unique to us. 

This is what we strive for here at Seed Audio, both as musicians and sound developers. 


"Letting ourselves be inspired and absorbed by those things that inspire and absorb us, but allowing our pure creative expression to come forth unlimited in any way by our outlook."


Thank you for reading, 

Dov Waterman

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