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Substratum for Arturia Pigments

Substratum for Arturia Pigments

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Welcome to Substratum.

Enter the world of our oceans and subterranean environment. From deep pulsing organic rhythms and aquatic keys, to slow undulating pads, and sunken atmospheres, these sounds  are inspired by the oceanic depths and it’s creatures.

We captured organic field recordings of wind, and other natural occurrences, along with high quality recordings of piano and cello phrases. Through our magical processes we shaped and sculpted and carved out atmospheres and wholly new sounding instruments that conjure up the deep. From hidden caves and underwater  chasms, to larger than life creatures from beyond the deep that we think we knew.

Before you is the great barrier between the known and the unknown.

There are 81 presets in the Pigments version covering a range of instrument types such as bass, keys, pads, atmospheres, and melodic and rhythmic sequences.

Our sister Analog Labs version, curated for those who don’t have the full pigments app, is augmented with an extra set of 20 multis. These are an added bonus, and if you purchase the full pigments version this will come with 80% discount added on.

The download file is a zipped folder of approximately 500 MB of content.


Question: How to receive the discount on Substratum for Analog Lab V if I also want to purchase/or have purchased the Pigments version?

Answer: Add both Substratum for Pigments and Substratum for Analog Lab V to the cart to receive automatically 80% discount on Substratum for Analog Lab V (you will see the actual discount during the checkout) OR use the coupon that you will receive after purchasing Substratum for Pigments to receive the 80% discount. Apply the coupon during the checkout. (Please allow 24h to receive the email with the discount code)

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